Watering lawns must completely provide irrigation of lawns’ area. Compared with no wind, a tail wind and head wind and side wind alter the trajectory of the jet of water that comes out of the water outlets of irrigation pipeline. The influence of the side air flow at right angles to the trajectory of the jet of water on the deviation of trajectory straight direction was investigated. Upgraded the experimental setup with short jets and low-pressure pump was used. The air flow created by the axial ventilator.

Взаємодія вітрових потоків з огороджувальними конструкціями висотних будівель

This article describes the formula determining the temperature, velocity and force of wind flow around the buildings. The dependence of wind speed and temperature difference, showing the distribution of aerodynamic coefficients on the facade of the building in different directions of wind flow. The basic building envelope and the effect of surface roughness on the flow around buildings.

Application of CFD for interior flow analysis influenced by exterior conditions

The aim of the paper is the presentation of application CFD analisys for interior flows in chimneys and flats in a building. It is a summary of a case study of fatal intoxication by carbon monoxide coming from a gas heater of flowing water at a bathroom. That kind of accidents mostly happens due to problems with ventilation and very popular old construction gas water heaters. Closed, airtight windows are the main causes of the production of carbon monoxide but sometimes wrong construction of the chimney outlets versus the roof shape causes the backdraught of combustion products.