wind turbine

Modeling and control of an electromechanical system with a permanent magnet generator and a voltage source converter

In the paper simulation dynamic models for the analysis of characteristics and transients of electromechanical system using a permanent magnet electric generator (PMG) connected to a variable speed fixed pitch wind turbine (WT) and a voltage source converter (VSC) mathematical models are developed. The system supplies a direct current (dc) resistive load through a controlled switch.

Basical Aspects of Integration Wind Plants in Electric System

The conditions of the point of common coupling choice of wind power plants are shown schematically and the conditions that must be met for their joint operation as a part of the power systems are described. The effects of integration of wind power plants into the power systems at the local and general levels are analyzed. The requirements of the international Grid Codes to the frequency control of the power systems with wind power plants are considered.

Modern Wind Turbines Capacity Utilization in Real Conditions

The development of the national wind power industry in Ukraine faces a number of problems because of the lack of sufficient information on the peculiarities of the operating modes of wind farms under real-life conditions. This applies to wind load indices in different regions, estimates of the performance of wind power plants with different types of wind turbines.

Динаміка обертального руху вітроколеса

The differential equation of wind-wheel rotational motion under the influence of aerodynamic and resistance moments was built on the basis of the simplified kinematic scheme of horizontal axis wind turbine and with the help of Lagrange second-order equations. The determination of motion parameters and the construction of appropriate time diagrams were realized taking into consideration time dependencies of wind-flow speed.