wireless technology


Water is the most crucial factor for all living organisms, so it is essential to protect it. And water quality monitoring is one of the first steps required in the rational development and management of water resources. Smart systems used for real-time quality control and power consumption are rapidly developing. Their implementation in water quality assurance systems is essential and actual.

Features of classification and use of telecommunication interfaces in cyberphysical systems

This paper describes the features of the use of standard interfaces for information exchange in cyber-physical systems (CFS). Two classification criterias for telecommunication interfaces was proposed – the intensity of information exchange and the distance between the components of CFS. Based on these criterias 9 classes of telecommunication interfaces were identified. It is recommended to use standard fieldbus technologies, especially industrial Ethernet.

Analysis of data wireless technologies for educational process modernization

The article presents the results of research, evaluation and comparison of wireless data transmission technologies that can be used in the construction of the collection and management of data system for the scientific and educational institutions. An expediency of the study in this direction made by analyzing the current trends of computer networks and systems.