Cross-platform software system for the logistics of humanitarian services

The problem of designing a cross-platform software system for the logistics of humanitarian services is considered. Existing software analogs of international deliveries are considered. A comparison of popular software products in the field of international trade is given.

The technologies for developing software services to ensure the cross-platform system for the logistics of humanitarian services are reviewed.

Mobile system for spatial orientation of people with vision disorders

Based on the analysis of existing systems for helping blind people to navigate in space, an understanding arose in the creation of a new system that would have a completely different approach to the interaction of a blind user with the existing world. Such a system, having the function of a voice message, provides a blind person with information and thus helps him orientate in space. Existing approaches focus on providing sound signals, which only make it possible to redirect a person in a certain direction, prohibit or allow movement.

Application of the main features of human dignity in gaining freedoms

The application of the basic features of human dignity in the acquisition of freedoms plays an important role in our lives. After all, moral norms of law contribute to decision-making in accordance with justice and human dignity. It should be noted that the application of law – is the ability to correctly and appropriately apply the law. However, it should be noted that the application has its own characteristics.

Design and Implementation of an Information System for Self-Control of Bronchial Asthma by Patients

The aim of this article is to develop information system for people with bronchial asthma. The main function of the information system described in the article is enabling self- control of bronchial asthma by patients. By controlling asthma correctly, patients can reduce the symptoms of asthma. The most important task solved before the information system design was a selection of the asthma parameters which can be monitored and implemented in it. The information system consists of two main elements: a database and an application.

Застосування генетичного алгоритму для проектування гібридних сховищ даних

Описано застосування генетичного алгоритму до проектування гібридних сховищ даних.