Consulting as a prospective field of activity in Ukraine

Andriy MOKRYAKOV "Consulting as a prospective field of activity in Ukraine".

Kyiv University of Intellectual Property and Law

Abstract. The article is devoted to the study of the «consulting» category as a promising field of activity in Ukraine. It was noted that the development of modern society, which is undergoing significant transformations, requires new approaches and visions for a large number of problems arising in certain spheres. Today, all branches of the economy, all management activities carried out in the public sphere, need a new vision and critical assessment by highly qualified specialists who have relevant knowledge in one or another field. Consulting services, which have gained significant distribution abroad, for our state, are the direction of activity that can become an effective means of successful development of many spheres of Ukrainian society.

Scientific views on the understanding and content of consulting, the importance of the development of consulting activity in today’s conditions are considered. Attention is drawn to the fact that the consulting service, as a fairly new field of application, has a number of characteristic features, which, according to scientists, consist, first of all, in the fact that it is an intellectual, creative activity of an individual, which is carried out exclusively by subjects of entrepreneurial activity on a paid basis, the useful result of which may not always coincide with the expected one.

Consulting activity is considered as a modern management tool, which today is in demand in many spheres of society’s life. Special interest and need in consulting activities are now felt by almost all branches of the economy. Nevertheless, consulting services are quite actively used in the sphere of state administration and local self-government, as a strong basis for timely and correct management decision-making. Obviously, given the prevalence and demand for consulting services, it is expedient to adopt the appropriate legal basis for the operation and development of domestic consulting companies.

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