Features of Application of Corporate Enterprises Management Technologies

: pp. 204 - 212
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

Abstract — The purpose of the article is to identify problems in the Ukrainian and European consulting markets, outline key trends and prospects for Ukrainian consulting companies based on the application of European experience.
The study aims to determine the characteristics of the consulting market in the domestic and European markets during the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The authors identified the state of the consulting industry and the main providers of consulting services in the domestic market. Management consulting in Ukraine is used sporadically in contrast to European countries, cooperation with consultants regularly. The reason is that the vast majority of companies, firms, and companies seek advice in critical situations when their own efforts are simply no longer able to solve existing problems.
The authors identified the state of the consulting industry and the main providers of consulting services in the domestic market, provided auditing information, and identified several contradictions and problems of auditing; the number of registered auditors on the territory of Ukraine for 2016–2020 and their structure by regions in 2019 and 2020 were studied as well.
The article forms the main trends of the European consulting market in 2021: digitalization, individual decisions, a strategy that moves within the company, high return on investment, growing demand for the technology sector, and restructuring practice.
In general, the consulting industry has suffered a significant blow from the Covid-19 crisis, and, according to the latest data, at the end of 2020, it was about 18 % lower. However, the prognosis is improving in many European countries as they manage to reduce the number of new coronavirus cases. According to this data, the authors suggest that domestic companies should follow practices: focus their activities on crisis management, quickly adapt customer business to modern conditions, accelerate the pace of digitalization, and use innovations to update strategies.


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