Comparative analysis of the powers of notarial bodies in Georgia and Ukraine

: 188-193

Dolynska M. "Comparative analysis of the powers of notarial bodies in Georgia and Ukraine"

Lviv Polytechnic National University

The article deals with the vital questions of legal regulation of notarial activities in Ukraine. The concept of notary powers is one of the central issues of notarial activities in any of the member states of the International Union of Latin Notaries. The author performs a comparative analysis of the powers of notaries in Georgia and Ukraine. Notary bodies of both Georgia and Ukraine are called upon to protect the subjective rights and legitimate interests of individuals and legal entities that apply to them for making notarial acts. Normative act regulating notarial activities in Georgia and Ukraine are analyzed. It is noted that there is a constant improvement of notarial legislation in both Georgia and Ukraine. Legal regulation of notarial activities, including the notarial procedures, in Georgia and Ukraine is carried out by a single special republican Law "On Notaries". The author emphasizes that some legal norms regulating notarial activities in these states are very similar, although they have their own characteristics. The subjects of notarial activities in both Ukraine and Georgia are basically the same. Although in Ukraine, local government officials also have the right to perform certain notarial acts. In Ukraine, notarial activities are carried out by both private and public notaries working in state notary offices and state notarial archives. The main subjects of notarial activities in Georgia and Ukraine are notaries. The author concludes that the powers of Georgian notaries are broader, as they are entitled to register acts of civil status: both marriage and divorce.

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