Features of formation and development of the english-american legal system

: 69-76

Korneliuk Y., Kratko T. "Features of formation and development of the english-american legal system"

Lviv Polytechnic National University Institute of Law and Psychology, Assistant of the Department of Theory and Philosophy of Law
Institute of Jurisprudence, Psychologyand Innovative education Lviv Polytechnic National University, Department of Civil Law and Procedure

The article analyzes the Anglo-American legal system. The theoretical and practical significance of the scientific analysis of legal systems, in particular the Anglo-American one, is analyzed. The role of legal systems, their classification, the main features of the modern Anglo-American legal family are studied, its main problems are determined. The classification of legal systems into national and supranational aims to reveal the nature of this entity, which is not closed within one state. On the legal map of the modern world, it is necessary to distinguish between legal systems of national (which may include subnational) and supranational (international and religious), which exist, compete with each other and adhere to international law. The reasons for the diversity of legal systems are primarily that their form and content are directly influenced by historical traditions, the conditions of origin and formation of a particular state and law, as well as the specifics of their evolution. Legal systems can arise under the influence of some historical factors, and already be transformed under the influence of others that influenced the course of their development and functioning. The Anglo-American legal family is also analyzed and compared with other legal families, its advantages and disadvantages are determined. The research interest of legal scholars in the problem of grouping national legal systems in the family according to their common characteristics was one of the important factors in the emergence of comparative law (at the macro level) as such. The evolution of legal comparative studies during the twentieth century, the enrichment of comparative law doctrine with practice, the emergence of new legal systems, their active multifaceted interaction, mutual convergence and divergence, the implementation of active unification measures, etc. have always correlated with the problem of classification of legal systems. its solution. In this context, the results of classification have not only cognitive and didactic value, because they deepen, enrich the idea of the legal "map" of the world, genetic kinship and, conversely, the dissimilarity of certain legal systems, their relationship and interaction, etc., but also practical because mediate any systemic process of convergence of legal systems, promoting the unification of legislation, enabling the implementation of prognostic assessments of the feasibility and effectiveness of the reception of a remedy.

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