Historical and political prerequisites for the origin and transformation of the ideology of Ukrainian nationalists

: 19-24

Vasyliv S. "Historical and political prerequisites for the origin and transformation of the ideology of Ukrainian nationalists"

Educational and Scientific Institute of Law, Psychology and Innovative Education Lviv Polytechnic National University

The article examines the historical and political factors that led to the emergence and further transformation of the ideology of Ukrainian nationalism as an important socio-political phenomenon in the history of Ukrainian statehood. The author emphasizes the relevance of the research topic in the context of the development of the Ukrainian state as a legal, democratic and European, and the further development of state-building processes in the direction of European and Euro-Atlantic integration. The article notes that ideologically Ukrainian nationalism was mainly formed in the XIX century. The main factor, according to the author, in the formation of nationalist ideology in Ukraine was the factor of "conflict" in the socio-political sphere between representatives of different national and cultural backgrounds. As an example, the author cites a long policy of persecution of the Ukrainian language and culture in the Russian Empire, in particular, in the second half of the XIX century: Valuev circular of July 30, 1863 and Ems decree of Russian Emperor Alexander II of May 18, 1876, aimed at displacing the Ukrainian language from the cultural sphere, spiritual and even domestic sphere. The article notes that the radicalization of the ideology of Ukrainian nationalists was also influenced by the significant deterioration of Ukrainian-Polish relations in Western Ukraine and the spread of anti-Ukrainian influences (polonization, assimilation, catholicization, discrimination) by Polish state structures, terrible consequences of collectivization, famines and mass political Ukrainians in Soviet Ukraine. The author notes that Ukrainian nationalism arose and developed in the context of European and world history, so it was under external influence, at the same time, Ukrainian nationalism, as a socio-political phenomenon, was special because it was based not on racism but on love and respect for the Ukrainian nation; Ukrainian nationalism was identified with patriotism. As for the methods of struggle of Ukrainian nationalists for Ukrainian statehood, they were conditioned by the dramatic circumstances of the life and reality of the Ukrainian people at that time.

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