Enlarging the radius of convergence for Newton–like method in which the derivative is re-evaluated after certain steps

: pp. 594–598
Received: January 13, 2022
Revised: June 17, 2022
Accepted: June 24, 2022
Cameron University, Lawton, OK 73505, USA
Cameron University, Lawton, OK 73505, USA
Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

Numerous attempts have been made to enlarge the radius of convergence for Newton–like method under the same set of conditions.  It turns out that not only the radius of convergence but the error bounds on the distances involved and the uniqueness of the solution ball  can more accurately be defined.

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Mathematical Modeling and Computing, Vol. 9, No. 3, pp. 594–598 (2022)