Thematic topics

  • Organization and monitoring of study process and specialist training quality;
  • Peculiarities and problems of specialists’ training and retraining;
  • Modernization of HEI management and educational service quality assurance system: experience and innovations;
  • Interaction within the system „higher education – labour market”;
  • Assurance of life-long learning availability and continuity;
  • Degree system of specialists’ training, and the problems of the national systems integration into world education area;
  • Development, implementation and improvement of a management system (according to the requirements of the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, HACCP, OHSAS 18001 etc.): theory, practice and problems;
  • EHEA transparency tools in quality assurance;
  • Informatization and computerization of quality management in education and industry;
  • Development of scientific and innovation activity in education and industry;
  • Modern approaches to evaluation and assurance of  the products, service and staff quality;
  • Problems of the national system of technical regulation improvement;
  • Metrology and metrological support in industry;
  • Thermal and thermal measurement;
  • Safety of products (processes, services) for life, health, property, environmental protection and safety of economic entities;
  • Improvement of technical economical indices of industry, systems of technical and economic information gathering, processing and effective use, development of regulatory framework of resource-saving technologies and other directions in education and industry.

According to the submitted materials, conference working panel discussions will be formed.