Papers Preparation and Submission Requirements

  1. Only unpublished papers could be accepted.
  2. Author bears personal responsibility for trustworthiness of the proposed information.
  3. Authors should submit 1 – 2 MS Word full pages of the abstract.
  4. Margins: left – 20 mm, right – 15 mm, upper –30 mm, lower – 25 mm. 
  5. Use 10 point Times New Roman typeface throughout the paper. The text should be typed 1,2 spaced. The indention of a paragraph – 8 mm.
  6. Layout:
    • place UDC (Universal Decimal Classification) (10 point) in the first line on the right. Use a new line for:
      • Title of the paper (12 point, Centred, Bold; spaces: upper – 12 pt, lower – 6 pt);
      • Sign ©, an author and co-authors, year (10 point, Left, Italic; spaces: upper – 0 pt, lower – 6 pt);
      • Affiliation of any author if they differ (10 point, Centred, Regular, spaces: upper – 0pt, lower – 12 pt).
  7. Involve a minimum of illustrative materials in the abstracts. Figures should to be grouped in a single unit.
  8. Place a list of used sources at the end of the paper in Italic (avoiding the words ''bibliography'' or ''references"). The appropriate references should be met throughout the text of the paper.
  9. In case a person cannot attend the Conference but the abstract of the paper is sent and the registration fee is paid, he/she will receive conference proceedings.
  10. Papers being prepared without meeting the publication requirements or submitted later than required will not be regarded.