: 54-64
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Department of architectural environment design
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Department of Architectural Environment Design

The authors analyzed the available technological solutions for 3D print in the process of constructing real architectural structures; presented the relevant data on technical parameters of the contemporary three-dimensional printers; the problems for the development of the technology have been conceptualized, as well as the choice of optimal materials and engineering structures with regard for peculiarities of selected methods of layer-wise extrusion or making buildings parts with their further assembling into the final structure.

The authors suggested a list of traditional construction materials to create architectural projects such as mineral heavy weight concrete with the polymer disperse fiber and chemical additives to regulate the terms for hardening astringency, and the promising other materials to produce buildings such as structural glass, various kinds of plastics, ceramic alloys (produced through selective laser sintering), and salt as a basic material to make complex restoration works in the reconstruction process.

The outcome of the undertaken theoretical and applied research is presented by the authors in the findings concluding about key benefits from using 3D printers in creating real architectural facilities for various functions, and the choice of an optimal 3D print method on the specific brand of manufacturing machinery with the most efficient software. The authors identified the application areas of the most optimal, economically and structurally justified construction materials fitting the selected technology to build an architectural structure on a 3D printer. The approach can help create relatively inexpensive, aesthetically and functionally interesting architectural facilities for various purposes. In the process of their construction, they entail minimum costs in terms of labor and material resources. It offers broad perspectives to apply 3D printers in the world’s architectural practices.

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