Energy potential of atrium space in ventilation system


Kovac M., Kovacova K.

Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia
Institute of Architectural Engineering, Department of Building Services

The content of paper is energy analysis of ventilation system with using energy potential of atrium space. The aim of case study is to analyze energy potential of air preheating in atrium space and its utilisation in mechanical ventilation system. In order to energy analyse the heat demand for space heating was calculated in relation to required air exchange by mechanical ventilation. The analysis was done for old school building that is the object of renovation. The building renovation is oriented on reducing of energy consumption and improving the internal environment. The one of designed measurements is the installation of mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery (heat exchanger efficiency 65 %). With regard to complexity of energy flows in building it was used for problem solution the energy simulation tool Design Builder. There was created geometric model of school building with atrium space located in Kosice. The results of energy analyse have shown the positive impact of heat recovery system on final heat demand for space heating that was reduced on 69 % from starting value (without heat recovery system). In the proposed atrium is possible to achieve the increase of supply fresh air temperature at average about 4.0 – 7.0 K during day. The utilisation of preheated air in atrium space for mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery can bring the reduction of heat demand for space heating on 49 % from starting value (without heat recovery system).

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