Green roof as a saving technology and creator of microclimate


Poórová Z., Vranay F., Vranayová Z

Technical University of Kosice, (Slovakia)
Department of Architectural Engineering

This paper highlights the importance of energy savings in terms of the best choice of vegetation used on green roofs.
Kosice city is located in eastern Slovakia. Košice is situated on the Hornád River in the Košice Basin. Kosice has a borderline humid continental climate and oceanic climate as the city lies in the north temperate zone. The city has four district seasons. Precipitation has a little variation throughout the year with abundance precipitation that falls during summer and only few during winter.
These days, change of climate is very discussed issue all over the world. Changing the topography of the country, changing the type of the surface, putting away nature, replacing it with concrete, bitumen and impervious surfaces are things we have to deal with almost every day.
Ecopoint buidling in Kosice has a green roof on one top of the building. Aim of this article is to present three different measurements of temperatures under three different types of foliage of this green roof. The fact that different choice of vegetation has an effect on lowering the temperature of green roof might be very interesting in terms of microurbanism and microclimate. Reducing temperature may cause also other savings like energy or water retention, what is the main idea of this article.