energy saving

Dynamic Monitoring Of The Historic Centre Buildings For A Solar Elements Arrangement

The possibilities of integrating the solar power elements into formed environment of historic cities are considered in the article. Using the example of a historic city area of Chernivtsi it has been realized a multi-level dynamic monitoring of the buildings and presented the results of preliminary calculations of an energy efficiency of a roof photoelectric elements installation.

Logistics of recycling and the procedure of marketing communication explanation of energy saving with the use of alternative energy sources

This paper is devoted to the enhancement of theoretical, methodological provisions and practical scientific approaches to the organization of logistics of recycling and forming of the procedure of a marketing communication explanation of importance of energy saving with the use of alternative energy sources. In the article compared approaches of scientists and practices in the sphere of marketing concerning of energy efficient development due to the corresponding integrated marketing communication and logistic providing.

Green roof as a saving technology and creator of microclimate

This paper highlights the importance of energy savings in terms of the best choice of vegetation used on green roofs.
Kosice city is located in eastern Slovakia. Košice is situated on the Hornád River in the Košice Basin. Kosice has a borderline humid continental climate and oceanic climate as the city lies in the north temperate zone. The city has four district seasons. Precipitation has a little variation throughout the year with abundance precipitation that falls during summer and only few during winter.

Analysis of Exergy Efficiency and Ways of Energy Saving in Air Conditioning System for a Cleanroom

In modern technologies, which are related to energy transformation, namely in air conditioning systems, important places are occupied by equipment and processes, the objective estimation of value of its energy perfection can be defined only on the basis of analysis of its exergy efficiency. So, reducing the cost of energy consumed by air conditioning systems preconditions the need for its optimization, which can be fully achieved by virtue of exergy analysis that takes into account not only the quantity but also the quality of energy spent.