Heat pump heating systems and low potential heat sources


Štefanco M., Košičanová D.

Technical University of Kosice, (Slovakia)
Civil Engineering Faculty, Institute of Architectural Engineering

This paper focuses on the application of renewable energy resources in the form of heat pumps and their use in heating systems. As the energy prices are constantly rising, the energy management is currently a very important issue. One of the main reasons is that obtaining the primary energy sources like coal and oil is much more difficult than in the past. The use of renewable energy sources has become a worldwide trend and is one of the ways to get cheaper and more accessible primary energy that has a minimum impact on the environment compared to conventional sources of energy (e.g. oil, coal).
The implementation of heat pumps as the primary source of heating and cooling in buildings, compared to installations using fossil fuels has become increasingly economical. This is due to increasing prices of fossil fuels, which is directly influenced by their accessibility and limited quantity. In addition, heat pumps contribute to the energy objectives of the European Union set for 2020. It specifically deals with achieving energy savings, reducing CO2 emissions and increasing the share of renewable energy by 20 %. The significance and relevance of the application of heat pumps is increasing with the rise in use of renewable energy for electricity generation.

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