: 181-186
Lviv Polytechnic National University

The concept of organizing the activities of industrial enterprises on an innovative basis was revealed. The importance of solving organization issues in the context of accelerated scientific and technological progress and permanent crises was showed. Some benefits of improving the organization of industrial activities on an innovative basis were outlined. Enterprises should increase the efficiency of their activities by implementing a set of measures to improve the organization of production with innovative content, the vast majority of which can be used in the production process without significant investment.

And most importantly, measures in this direction will contribute to the effective use of the available resource potential of existing industrial enterprises, increase their competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets in conditions of fierce competition.

Forecasting these problems in the conditions of specific industrial enterprises is due to the need to properly monitor the phased implementation of project activities and their targeting to achieve coordinated operation of production units and their elements in the process of performing production tasks related to the production of innovative products. It is not only about achieving the goals of industrial enterprises on the projects identified in the modernization of their activities, but also about the rational use of investment funds for the successful implementation of such projects. In this context, it is important to take into account that the targeted use of investment funds will allow not only to use them effectively, but also to anticipate the rational use of investments in those parts of the production process that are subject to organized coordinated operation. 

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