Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

The sequence of evaluation of the results of organizational changes in the enterprises was
developed. The latter consists of the following stages: the formation of goals and objectives of
the evaluation of the results of the implementation of organizational changes in machinebuilding enterprises; formation of the information-analytical database for the evaluation of the
results of organizational changes; application of methods for evaluating the results of
implemented changes; interpretation of received results of evaluation of organizational
changes by means of graphic methods; drawing conclusions and suggestions on possible
improvement of existing results and recommendations for further organizational development
of the enterprise.
The peculiarities of evaluation of the results of organizational changes implementation at
Ukrainian machine-building enterprises on the example of making concrete changes are
analyzed. In particular, the organizational changes made at Private joint-stock company
«Zaporozhye electric locomotive repair factory»; Private Joint-Stock Company «Kyiv electric
wiring harness factory»; Private Joint-Stock Company «Lviv Locomotive Repair Factory»
were considered.
The dynamics of indices of domestic machine-building enterprises characterizing current
assets and income from sales of products for the period of 2012–2015, as well as the
profitability of production of the analyzed machine-building enterprises for the corresponding
period and the dynamics of changes in the income from sales of products at machine-building
enterprises for the above-mentioned period were analyzed. Relevant conclusions regarding the
results of the analysis have been made

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