: 86-95
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Department of Management of Organizations

Purpose. The purpose of this research is to reveal the concept of the “business travel” and improve its classification in accordance with certain areas; to analyze indicators of tourist activity, including the trends of business tourism in Ukraine; to identify the features of business tourism development in some regions of Ukraine.

Design/methodology/approach. Such scientific theoretical research methods as analysis and synthesis, systematization and explanation have been used to understand the definition of “business tourism” and its classification in certain areas. Methods of comparative and statistical analysis were used to study changes in the structure of tourism and identify trends in business tourism in some regions of Ukraine. 

Findings. The hypothesis that business travel has the opportunity to be developed in some regions of Ukraine is proven. The tourist situation in Ukraine has been analyzed in accordance with the data of State Statistics Service and Administration of the State Border Guard Service. Having investigated the tendency of business tourism in some regions of Ukraine, it can be noticed an increase in the total number of business tourists, who used the services of tour operators and travel agents during the period 2017–2018. Odessa, Dnipro regions and Kyiv are the centers of different business events, meetings and business interests. There is big amount of already existing exhibitions, fairs and business events which attract both domestic and foreign tourists.

Practical implications. The results of this research have practical implications. Some travel companies, located in Odessa, Dnipro regions and Kyiv can diversify their activity, adding business travel as a prospective direction. Also, the state should support business, especially during pandemic period, encouraging safe travel, promoting information to tourists, taking care of the country’s image at both regional and international level.

Originality/value. Business travel is considered as a type of tourist activity, undertaken for solving business purposes and also includes cultural and entertainment programs. The main groups of participants in business travel are identified and the most dynamic segment of the business travel market is indicated. The distribution of foreign tourists related to various types of tourism activity is analyzed and the potential for business travel development in separate regions is defined. 

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