: 100-111
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

Purpose. The purpose of this study is to improve the concept interpretation of “reputation institute”, to determine the level of its development in Ukrainian society, to generalize the main criteria characterizing the reputation of a business operating in Ukraine; definition of phenomena, trends of social responsibility, which concern Ukrainians; surveying the impact of the responsibility of the business as a whole and its employees on consumer purchase decisions and the formation of the main trends of the society’s rejection of business that does not meet its expectations and generally accepted norms. 

Design/methodology/approach. Such scientific theoretical research methods as a theoretical generalization to interpret the definitions of “business reputation institute” and “cancelation culture”; survey methods to determine the impact of business responsibility, its behavior on the market and in the social space on consumer decisions; methods of graphical presentation and generalization of data to display the generalization of the survey results and form conclusions regarding the determination of the main levers of application of the refusal policy concerning business.

Findings. The concept of “business reputation” has been improved and the main criteria characterizing business reputation have been summarized. The phenomena and trends of social responsibility, which are important for Ukrainian society, are analyzed. A survey was considered on the influence of business responsibility on the purchasing decision of consumers, and the main trends of the policy of society's rejection of business that does not meet its expectations were formed. Practical implications. The results of this research have practical implications for businesses who want to reach competitive advantages in Ukraine market or succeed in developing social responsibility; future research can be provided on the basics of this publication. 

Originality/value. The importance of the research is raising the topic of the institution of reputation, social responsibility, and the development of Ukrainians as a united and strong nation. There are not many studies on this topic, while it is often raised only in the public space, as a discussion of a specific situation, so it is important to create research and scientific works, because this will raise the general level of consciousness of the Ukrainian population, and therefore promote social values and improve well-being, in particular at the economic level.

This article analyzes the main factors that can influence the consumer’s opinion regarding the consumption of the products and services of this or that company, and also carries out its research in this regard to find out what worries citizens the most now, as well as to reveal the level of their awareness about those or other problems, world trends in the socio-cultural sphere

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