Mathematical modeling switching electromagnetic processes in the long power line in the automatic reclosing cycle

: pp. 63 - 73
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Department of Electrical Engineering Systems
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv National Agrarian University Department of Electrical Systems

The article analyzes scientific publications, who showed that for the most part, the study of switching transients in electrical networks during automatic reclosing cycles of circuit breaker, are carried out without taking into account the influence of electromechanical processes in the mechanisms of circuit breaker contacts, despite the fact that the speed of their course is commensurate with the speed of the electromagnetic processes. On the basis of the modified Hamilton-Ostrogradsky principle proposed mathematical model of a fragment of an electric network which consists of an inter-system overhead power line compensating reactors and a high-voltage circuit breaker with the device automatic reclosing cycle.

It is shown that the proposed method of identification of boundary conditions of the second kind to the differential equation of a long line increases the efficiency of constructing its model, since it does not require the creation of extended circular alternatives on the one hand; and allows the field level to take into account the flow of electromagnetic processes from the second. The mathematical model of the high-voltage switch used in the work makes it possible to take into account switching arc processes based on nonlinear active resistance and capacitance and motion dynamics of the mechanism of contact movement based on Lagrange theory. This makes it possible to efficiently investigate the transients in the electrical networks during the switching circuit breakers without using the initial switchingprocedure. On the basis of the developed mathematical model written software code in the algorithmic language Visual Fortran and done computer simulation of transient switching processes in a long transmission line, taking into account the operation of a single-unit automatic reclosing cycle and mechanical processes in the circuit breaker. The research results are presented in the form of drawings that are analyzed.

It is confirmed that the development and application of interdisciplinary (interdisciplinary) re- search methods makes it possible to build models of electrotechnical and electromechanical subsystems as elements of a single power system, including mathematical models of ultra-high-voltage switches, based solely on a single energy approach.

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