electric network

Enhancing Safety and Reliability of Electric Power Supply to Consumers through Safe Electricity Networks of up to 1 kV

The study presents an electric network that allows both increasing the level of electrical safety and eliminating one-phase damage to the electrical network without switching off the consumer's electric energy. The application of the network does not require significant investments. The technical feasibility of implementing an electrical installation with voltage values in the emergency mode on the leading parts, which does not exceed the permissible values for normal mode, is demonstrated.

Mathematical modeling switching electromagnetic processes in the long power line in the automatic reclosing cycle

The article analyzes scientific publications, who showed that for the most part, the study of switching transients in electrical networks during automatic reclosing cycles of circuit breaker, are carried out without taking into account the influence of electromechanical processes in the mechanisms of circuit breaker contacts, despite the fact that the speed of their course is commensurate with the speed of the electromagnetic processes.

Modeling of Steady-state Modes of the Electrical Network From the Synchronous Electric Drive of Hydraulic Loading

Pumping stations that provide fluid transportation by pipeline are significant consumers of electricity. Energy overruns due to sub-optimal modes of operation of individual high-power units or sub-optimal number of simultaneously operating less powerful units are quite significant and can have a significant impact on overall energy consumption. Energy overruns at pumping stations also lead to significant overruns in electricity grid elements.