Implementation of Position Control System Based on Industrial Frequency- Controlled Asynchronous Electric Drive

: pp. 27 - 34
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

Positional electric drives are widely used in various branches of mechanical engineering, metal- cutting and woodworking machines, excavators, hoisting and transport mechanisms, manipulators.

Different mechanisms make different requirements on the position quality, and accordingly, for the implementation of position control systems can be used different circuit solutions: from the simplest open- systems with positioning at fixed points to the position-tracking control systems. In most cases, closed loop control systems are used to provide the required characteristics. Typically, these are servo drives based on synchronous motors with permanent magnets,which are used in high-precision systems. The article presents the implementation of the developed positioning system based on the serial frequency converter ATV32 (ATV320) and an induction motor with, which is an alternative solution for the use of a servo drive based on a synchronous motor with permanent magnets. The regulator with parabolic characteristic is used to adjust the position in this drive, This regulator is implemented on a programmable logic controller Modicon M238.

The obtained experimental results of the positional system study testify to the possibility and expediency of using the position control system based on serial devices in metal-cutting machines, woodworking machines and other mechanisms with relatively low position accuracy as an alternative to expensive servo drive based on synchronous motor with permanent magnets.

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