Research of the Possibilities of Using the Atv340 Frequency Converter for Speed Synchronization Mechanically Unconnected Electrical Drives

: pp. 46 - 53
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

A comparative analysis of the characteristics of a position tracking system, which is represented by asynchronous and synchronous mechanically unconnected electric drives, has been described in the article. The one electric drive operates in the Master mode and the other works in the Slave mode in such systems.

An experimental stand of position tracking system, which consists of asynchronous drive and servodrive, is designed to perform a comparative analysis of the characteristics of this system. The asynchronous drive is based on the ATV340 frequency convertor and servodrive is represented by Lexium 32 C. The data transfer between the drivers is carried out by PTO/PTI inputs/outputs of the frequency converters.

A solution of the speed synchronization between induction drive (ATV340) and servodrive (Lexium 32C) has been described in the article. The research of the influence of the ATV340 speed (frequency) controller on the accuracy and quality of the speed synchronization process has been given. Increasing to a certain value of the gain coefficient of the speed loop reduces the dynamic error of the speed, and the increasing of the STA parameter eliminates over-regulation and transient oscillation.

Experimental researches have been shown that the ATV 340 frequency converter can operate in the position tracking mode in the case of sensorless vector control, however, there is a temporary delay of the drive response in transient acceleration and deceleration modes, which cannot be eliminated by using of the available software. The Lexium 32C in the position tracking mode can synchronize speed with high precision in both transient and steady state modes.

It should be noted that it is advisable to conduct a research of the position tracking system, which is based on the ATV 340 frequency converter, in the case of using a closed speed control system.

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