December 13, 2018

Andriy Shulyar and his contribution in development of architecture, town planning, preservation of architectural heritage of lviv region. Dedicated to the 100th anniversary

A. Shulyar

Lviv, Ukraine

Main focus:

  1. Andriy Shulyar`s contribution in development of architecture, town planning, preservation of architectural heritage of Lviv and Lviv region in the second half of 20th century;
  2. Urban development of the city of Lviv and other cities of Lviv region in the second part of 20th century;
  3. Problems and practice of architectural relics preservation activities in soviet time in Lviv and Lviv region (second half of 20th century).


Working languages of the conference

Ukrainian, English

Every participant of the Conference will get an agenda and handout materials.


Conditions of participation at the conference

Submission of an application and sending thesis of the report, ordering of a conference package and confirmation of payment (for participants from Ukraine) – up to November 1, 2018.

Payment of a participation fee by international participants will be made during registration.