Uniform Approach to Modelling Information System Functions With Fractal Objects

: pp. 49 - 56

Oles Hodych, Volodymyr Pasichnyk, Yuriy Prokopiv, Nazar Chaykivskyy

Oles Hodych, Volodymyr Pasichnyk - 1, Yuriy Prokopiv - 1, Nazar Chaykivskyy

  1. Information Systems and Networks Department, Lviv Polytechnic National University, S. Bandery Str., 12, Lviv, 79013, UKRAINE, E-mail: 1 - oles.hodych@gmail.com, 2 - vpasichnyk@gmail.com, 2 - volodymyr.v.pasichnyk@lpnu.ua, 3 - jhou.pro@gmail.com

Constructing reliable enterprise software systems remains one of the most difficult problems in Software Engineering. Our experience is such that from the engineering perspective this is attributed to an impedance mismatch between software architecture at the micro (objects) and macro (system components) levels, and from the utilisation perspective -- to an impedance mismatch between the business domain model and its perception by different system's stakeholders. We argue that these two factors are related, and can be resolved at the level of information systems architecture. Fractal Objects is an approach to software architecture with the domain orientation and holistic object-oriented architectural style at its core. It formalises a way for designing and provides technical means for constructing resource-oriented software systems with a transparent domain (ontological) model. The domain model transparency empowers all system stakeholders (including end-users and developers) to better utilise and support evolution of an enterprise software system.