Journal of Lviv Polytechnic National University "Information Systems and Networks"

The Journal of Lviv Polytechnic National University "Information Systems and Networks" is the successor of the journal Bulletin of Lviv Polytechnic National University series: "Information Systems and Networks" was initiated in 1997. 

Considering thenumeration of the collection of scientific papers, the first issue of the new series was given the number 315. In the introductory article to this issue (1997, No. 315) of the new series of scientific papercollection, the Editor-in-Chief, doctor of technical sciences, Professor Volodymyr Pasichnyk declared the mission of the Journal that is to report high-professionally the applied aspects of informatics, in particular, the construction of information systems and networks based on the latest information technologies and advanced methods of construction. In the anniversary issue, the Journal’s mission was updated (2015, No. 832).

Your scientific papers could be published in English and Ukrainian.

Materials are selected on the following thematic sections:

  • theoretical foundations of computer science and cybernetics;
  • information modeling and knowledge engineering;
  • database and knowledge systems;
  • Intelligent decision making systems;
  • distributed information systems and networks;
  • applied information systems;
  • project and program management;
  • mathematical modeling and computing methods;
  • mathematical support and software of computing machines and systems;
  • information technology design and software products;
  • structural, applied, computer and mathematical linguistics.

The Bulletin is indexed in Google Scholar and Index Copernicus.

Submission data:

Papers are accepted twice a year until 20th March and 20th September of the current year.