Mathematical methods and applied information technologies of modeling, translation and training for the Ukrainian sign language

: pp. 210 - 227
Iurii Krak, Olga Lozynska, Volodymyr Pasichnyk, Anton Ternov, Dmytro Shkilnyuk

In the scientific paper a number of important scientific and applied tasks related to the development of mathematical methods and the formation of a complex of applied information technologies of modeling, processing and translation of the Ukrainian sign language are solved. New methods of recognition and dactyl identification of the sign alphabet, methods of computer translation of the annotated Ukrainian sign language are analyzed and proposed. It is performed the original research of the linguistic peculiarities of the Ukrainian sign language and developed the grammatically augmented ontology of the Ukrainian verbal and Ukrainian sign language. The multimedia technology of the analysis of the visual sound images and the emotional facial gesture, allowing to implement the animation of the emotional speech channel of the sign language speaker is developed.