Information and innovation component new educational paradigm

Державна інспекція навчальних закладів України
Public Institution «Institute of Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine»

The significance of information and innovative components in the development of education. It is stressed that it allows you to accelerate the adaptation of students to future careers, while promoting the development of their capabilities, enhancing intelligence capabilities; intensifying the educational process and making it more productive and efficient.

The necessity of changing the paradigm of learning activity, redirect it to provide each future specialist is not only the necessary amount of fundamental knowledge, but also on the formation of relevant competencies and independence in solving professional problems. Served definition of Lviv Polytechnic National University Institutional Repository 50 information and innovative component as a set of methods for the implementation of educational processes, software and hardware tools that are integrated with the aim of collecting, processing, storage, distribution, display and use of information for the benefit of its users.

The factors that contribute to the activation of information and innovation. In this context, given the experience of the best Ukrainian institutions of higher education, the necessity to strengthen cooperation of the university with commercial firms that are developing and implementing information and communication technologies. It is shown that the new educational paradigm forces us to interpret those new information educational technologies that contribute to the change in the institutional system of education, the formation of the interaction of its components. It is emphasized that it is based on modern computer and telecommunication technologies, the use of which allows to involve in the educational process a wide variety of tools and techniques to ensure high quality education. Settle the further development of information and communication technologies in education.

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