: 25-29
Lviv Polytechnic National University

The article describes the features of the selection of headings in the internet media of the “Ukrainskyi tyzhden’”. Today, for modern journalists, the issue of not only the diversity of rubrics in internet publications, but also the compliance of rubrics with the needs of readers is relevant.  To do this, the article analyzes which rubrics journalists prefer in the first place. What names of headings do they choose. How they prepare materials for a specific heading.

Some journalists like to repeat the names of columns, like to take these names from other media. But it is not right to do like this. Each media must be unique.

It doesn’t mean that  journalists can not cover the same information. Of course, the information will always be the same, because all the media write about the same things, according to events. But no matter which information, because the main is how it is presented. First of all, it should be the most important information that people need. This should not be plagiarism from another publication. This must be a unique presentation of the material not in a short form. The material should be presented clearly and distinctly, at the same time, interestingly. Every journalist must remember that important skills that a modern journalist should possess are first and foremost literary ability, language and style of the author, the ability to express their thoughts and reveal the position of another, the ability to accurately and vividly tell about the event, to convey the fact, evaluate and explain.

Also it is necessary to notice that the internet media “Ukrainskyi tyzhden’” were taken to study the materials. “Ukrainskyi tyzhden’” has a special approach to the selection of headings. During this research we noticed that there are only five headings in this internet media, including: “Articles”, “Columns”, “Photo Report”, “Magazine”, “Press Releases”. The brightest rubric is “Articles”. It has many subheadings. One of the most interesting is “Pandemic”. Also it is worth to notice that all materials from “Articles” rubric are suitable for the names of headings. Very good subheadings are “Politics” and ”Economy”, a good subheading also is “World”.