Features of mark-factor method of evaluation the positions of workers of enterprises


Doroshkevych K.O., Voronovska M.M.

The essence of the notion and the example of the practical use of mark-factor method of evaluation the positions of workers of enterprises are considered, which involves evaluation of workers of enterprises points according to a certain level characteristics (factors) with regard to their importance in the article. With motivating workers of enterprises (prompting workers and managers to meet their own needs and the objectives of the company) in terms of innovative activity, this method is recommended for the evaluation of workers in the appropriate position and its connection with the results of the activities of the enterprise in bonuses. 
With the purpose of increase of effectiveness of motivation of innovative activity on an enterprise an example of practical use of the method to PrJSC "Konveer" in the following stages: determining the goals and objectives of the research, information assurance, installation of evaluation indicators (factors), the formation of mark- factor assessment scale and its testing, valuating jobs using this method according to the scale, making appropriate management decisions. The special features mark-factor method include: accuracy assessment as a result of mathematical calculations and the use of peer reviews; complexity of calculations that are composed of a number of stages, significant requirements for the information assurance of the evaluation process, the high cost on the implementation and others.