Religion and law: mutual influence and interconnection. Section two.

: 43-50

Kelman M., Sivulya T. "Religion and law: mutual influence and interconnection. Section two."

Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology
King Danylo University

The article is devoted to the recognition of the impossibility of the disappearance of the phenomenon of religiosity in society and the obvious facts of the influence of religion on the processes of formation and development of law.

An analysis of many historical sources convincingly states that religion itself is in fact a spiritual cradle right.

It is substantiated that three things are necessary for initiating legal communication: knowledge of law (intellectual element), activity (volitional element), and - without a doubt - consciousness (spiritual element).

After all, only the spiritual identifies the first two.

Only the spiritual component fills with "legal light", content, purpose, spirit of law, legal connection, guarantees them from transformation at best into a formal scheme, at worst - into criminal chaos, and law itself is not law.


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