Analyzing the status and trends of development ofmachine-building enterprises in Ukraine


Kryvetskyi I.O.

Machine-building in the domestic economy took the lead, as it focused significant
technical, scientific and innovative potential. Development of machine building promotes the
development of other related industries, allowing you to create a closed loop production in
Ukraine. Analysis of companies to determine the reasons for slowing the development,
availability and status of resources, the volume of export-import operations, financial and
investment processes. Based on the results of machine-building enterprises can make effective
management decisions for managers and for the relevant public authorities.
Purpose of work based on statistics and analysis of the analysis of identifying key
problems and their activities based on the recommendations of forming tendencies of machine-
building enterprises. The basic performance machine-building enterprises, including: volume
produced and sold products, price dynamics, export-import operations, the availability and
condition of fixed assets, investments in fixed assets and indicators of financial performance
and profitability of operations were analyzed. The basic causes of the deterioration of these
indicators were found and suggest ways to improve them.
Identified problems, including a decrease in production and sales, reduction of export
and import operations increase, increase in the degree of depreciation of fixed assets and
reduce their investment in upgrades and reduce innovative activity significantly reflected in
their financial results. The uneven development machine-building enterprises indicate the
absence of a comprehensive program of development and related industries as well as
government financial support. Thus, to improve the situation it is necessary to expand
cooperation in the field of scientific and industrial machine-building with world leaders,refocus on domestic producers implementation of European standards and environmental
mobility of production for the needs of consumers, to attract foreign car companies to build
facilities on site, as well as well as develop economy which can give access to cheap credit to
producers and increase the purchasing power of consumers.