A necessity of application of international standards of account (ias) in the conditions of economic integration of Ukraine in EU


Maslak O.O., Lega O.S

The paper presents the essence of international accounting standards and the role of
unification of international accounting standards in domestic. Based on the study and synthesis
of the literature identified the need for adaptation of national accounting standards with
market needs, and defined by the need for harmonization of terminology and principles of
accounting in an international context. Determined the major differences between
International Financial Reporting Standards and the provisions of Accounting Standards.
The largest corporations today are joint ventures. It's becoming commonplace. For the
modern business investment flow erases all boundaries. Although there are some difficulties on
features and adequacy of information display in certain countries. Therefore, the present
conditions it is necessary that the financial statements of the entity was understood by other
market participants from different countries.
Today, more than ever, market actors need complete and understandable information
about the company, this is especially true for modern Ukraine, which strongly steps toward
integration and active cooperation in all sectors of the EU.
Over the last decade, the countries of the European Economic Community held a strong
work involves the harmonization of accounting and through the joint efforts of developed
countries gradually establisheda uniform system of accounting. Obviously we see the need to
implement IFRS for all sectors of Ukraine and harmonization of accounting standards.