Adaptive self-regulatory organizations of conscious development

: pp.34-39
Kherson National Technical University

The article explored the essence and preconditions of formation of adaptive organizations informed of new generation, creating a unique partnership strategy and disclosure of human potential and builds upon this strong corporate culture, innovative businesses and get good results. Proved that the present need to make the transition from management systems, formed on the principles of centralization and management, to systems formed on the principles of multiple, integration, cooperation, partnership and conscientious self. And build adaptive conscious organizations high achievements in terms of speed, sudden, continuous changes competition and saturated market. The evolution of organizations in historical perspective and proven that affect organizational transformation: the level of economic freedom of business, social structure and degree of development of society, the political situation and related developments. Diagnosed the need of management science and practice of business Concept of adaptive self-regulatory organization of conscious development. And defined conditions must be observed, and what management actions to take to model organizational development effectively earned. Determined that model conscious development is very important to change the forms and systems of education, use of information and technological innovation, build and maintain intranet ecological environment of trust and harmony, adhere comfort in team and team decision-making rules. The necessity of the implementation team coaching. Isolate functional and organizational differences and team head coach. According to the theory of organizational development identified three levels of team formation: initial (instinctive) layer, forming collective intelligence and team spirit, maturity (understanding, harmonization and prosperity). 35 The article stipulates that the creation of adaptive self-regulatory organization informed of – the art divergence copyright management, resulting in an open way to exchange ideas and opinions on the team that improves and develops in a complex process of organizational development, becomes a strong corporate culture identification and creation of general value systems that unite and inspire the organization, while maintaining a recognizable, free, flexible and adaptive functioning in terms of style in conditions of market self-organization