Editorial policy

  1. The publisher and editorial board observed all stages of publication. Editors fully aware of the ethical and other responsibilities.
  2. Papers published in the journal available for observation on the basis of the free sharing of scientific information and knowledge.
  3. Readers are provided with the ability to read, download, and distribute content for noncommercial purposes with the obligatory observance of copyright.
  4. The authors are able to publish final PDF-versions of the papers, provided by editorial board on their personal or institutional web resources.
  5. Reuse of any content from the journal is permitted only with the consent of the editorial board and author.
  6. It is necessary to refer the source when using previously published content.
  7. Authors are responsible personally in the case of technical similarities with other scientific papers.
  8. Editorial Board ensures that any commercial aspects do not exert any influence on editorial decisions.