collagen of the dermis

Structural Transformations of Collagen Containing Raw Materials under Alkaline Treatment

In the research of the rawhide structural transformations in chemical-and-colloidal processes under the action of alkaline dispersion, collagen of the dermis gets free of preservative agents and globular proteins. The conditions of rawhide alkaline treatment, under which the structure of a semi-finished product preserving amino-acid composition of collagen of the dermis is formed, have been outlined. A comparative analysis of the developed technologies of a leather semi-finished product formation from cattle rawhide has been carried out.

Structuring of Collagen of the Dermis during Rawhide Formation

The research has been carried out to study colloid-chemical characteristics of stagewise formation of structured leather semi-finished product. It is established that the activity of basic chromium sulfate complexes increases significantly while transition from anion form to cation one. During plastication of dermis structure by alkyl carboxy ethanolamine tannins, diffusion of basic chromium sulfate complexes into dermis accelerates and therefore provides a high level of chemical structuring of collagen of the dermis.