Steglich reaction

Synthesis and Properties of Phosphorus-Containing Pseudo-Poly(Amino Acid)sof Polyester Type Based on N-Derivatives of Glutaminic Acid

Poly(phosphoeter)s (PPE)s are a class of polymers possessing a high chemical functionality and biodegradability. Novel, glutamic acid based poly(phosphoeter)s were synthesized by the Steglich reaction. The developed synthetic approach allows controlling the composition and the structure of PPEs, and therefore their physical and colloidal properties. The studies on solubilization and cytotoxicity in vitro proved the potential of PPEs for drug delivery applications.

Modification of Polysaccharides by N-Derivatives of Glutamic Acid Using Steglich Reaction

The work describes dextrin modifications with the purpose to obtain a functional product with an extensive structure of macromolecules, capable to form self-stabilized dispersions in an aqueous environment. To ensure the branching, the modification was performed using the functional agents – N-derivatives of glutamic acid. The substitute in the N-position provides the introduction of the required function. Modification was performed by using the Steglich reaction that provides the progress of the process in soft, controlled conditions.