Peculiarities of Non-Stationary Pressure Measurement in Real Time

Nowadays, industrial development creates new and more complex processes leading to emergence of specific conditions for use of sensors and therefore specific measurement tasks. These circumstances lead to new requirements both for the methods of measurement and for sensors that implement these methods. Developments in microelectronic technologies and materials science have led to a significant number of types of pressure sensors.

Врахування сил стисливості при нестаціонарній течії рідини по трубопроводах

Based on the analysis of scientific papers and experimental studies conducted clarify the application of compressible and incompressible problems in unsteady fluid flow in the pipeline. It is shown that in such flows in insufficiently taken into account all the forces arising in unsteady flow. Investigated pulse pressure and compression of fluid in such flows.

Вимірювання швидкозмінних швидкостей в трубопроводах електромагнітними витратомірами

This paper describes the design and principles of operation of electromagnetic flow meter designed to measure rapidly varying velocity of unsteady fluid flow. The selection of a homogeneous magnetic field and point electrodes in the flow sensors ensured the independence of the testimony from the plot of velocity.Applies a comprehensive approach to the measurement of non-stationary medium speed with an electromagnetic method. The full description of the electromagnetic flowmeter with an increased frequency of the power converter.