oxidized bitumen

Influence of Potassium Humate on the Technological Aging Processes of Oxidized Petroleum Bitumen

The possibility of using potassium humate as an inhibitor of the technological aging of oxidized petro-leum bitumen has been investigated. Samples of potas-sium humate obtained from various raw materials, in particular peat and leonardite, were selected and compared. Aging coefficients have been calculated and operational properties of modified bitumen as a binding material for hot mix asphalt have been investigated. It was established that 3.0 wt.

Investigation of Petroleum Bitumen Resistance to Aging

Aging peculiarities of paving bitumen, which was obtained by different ways, have been studied. Oxidized and residual bitumen produced from oils of Ukrainian deposits were used and the changes in the main characteristics of bitumen after 5 and 10 h of aging in a thin film at the temperature of 436 K have been determined and the processes occurred during the aging have been studied. Using infrared spectroscopy, the changes in the structural composition of the binder during aging have been analyzed.

Визначення швидкості набору когезійної міцності литої емульсійно-мінеральної суміші на ортофосфорній кислоті

In the present scientific work there is done the comparative analysis of two cast emulsion-mineral mixes (CEMM) – systems on orthophosphoric and hydrochloric acids. It was determined that application of orthophosphoric acid for preparation of bitumen emulsion on oxidized bitumen leads to the substantial improvement of cohesion strength build-up rate – in comparison with identical system on hydrochloric acid.