macroeconomic indicators

Prerequisites for the Sustainable Development of the Ukrainian Economy

The article describes the main prerequisites for the sustainable development of the Ukrainian economy, based on statistical data analysis. Firstly, the authors examine three dimensions of sustainable development (according to the TBL approach) based on official macroeconomic indicators. Secondly, the authors offer to consider three areas of the national economy as the main potential for sustainable development of the national economy. Based on it, the authors elaborate recommendations for boosting most attractive areas and harmonizing all aspects of sustainable development.

Diagnostic product market in the context of globalization of domestic business

The aim of this study is to develop a methodology for studying the globalization of business as a whole, and its individual aspects related to information and communication problems of the domestic business amid increasing crisis in the economy. Formation of system of anti-crisis measures, as a catalyst for the commodity market development in the context of globalization of the domestic business.