Integration of electric prospecting methods for forecasting the subsidence and sinkholes within the salt deposits in the Precarpathian area

Objective. The aim of this work is to study the efficiency of combining such methods as: investigation of the natural pulse electromagnetic field of Earth (NIEMFE) and transient electromagnetics (TEM) for the preliminary assessment of the degree of stability of mining fields within the deposits of potassium salts in the Precarpathian area, as well as forecasting the development of deformation processes in the near-surface layer of the geological environment. Methodology.

Evaluation of karst-chasm hazard processes by electroprospecting methods in the location of Stebnyk potassium deposit

Purpose. The purpose of this work is definition of potentially ecologically-hazard and karst-chasm zones and prediction of karst development near the Skhidnytsia-Pisochne highway on the area of mine No.2 of Stebnyk potassium deposit by electroprospecting method, namely time domain electromagnetic method (TDEM). Methodology. The research was carried out using the TDEM method in the modification of “the contour in the contour”. To study the upper part of the cross-section down to 100 meters, the digital equipment for electroprospecting “Stage” was used.

Diagnostic product market in the context of globalization of domestic business

The aim of this study is to develop a methodology for studying the globalization of business as a whole, and its individual aspects related to information and communication problems of the domestic business amid increasing crisis in the economy. Formation of system of anti-crisis measures, as a catalyst for the commodity market development in the context of globalization of the domestic business.