quality of life

Industrial revival as an objective need for the formation and implementation of a new state paradigm

The relevance of the research is related to the importance of disclosing the success factors of industrialized countries. They skillfully use versatile forms and methods of struggle for leadership in the global economy for decades and even centuries. Leadership is aimed at ensuring a high level of welfare, guaranteed protection of the security and interests of citizens.


Article deals with topical issues of quality management of medical services and their implementation in practical activity. For quality of research results, serious problems are created by a lot of objective and subjective factors. To eliminate the problem factors, the course was aimed at developing national standards in the field of laboratory medicine, using international experience that regulate the requirements for the organization of clinical diagnostic laboratories and laboratory analysis facilities. The acute problem of laboratory research is to ensure the accuracy of the results.

Marketing aspects of export politics of the state

The characteristic features of realization of export deliveries are investigational on the key stages of economic development of country. On the basis of the conducted analysis of dynamics, structure and efficiency of the Ukrainian export basic problems are educed in realization of export operations. Measures are offered on perfection of application of marketing instruments in advancement of home commodities to the foreign markets – "4Р".