The research of a phase composition and a microstructure of hydrated cement by mechanoactivated bonding substance with an additive of microsilica

The physico-chemical methods of the research of hydrated cement by mechanoactivated bonding substance with organo-mineral additive (microsilica + C-3) was presented. It was explored the influence of the additive into the kinetics of formation lowly basic calcium hydrosilicate.

Effect of Synthetic Nanodispersed Silica on the Properties of Portland Cement Based Mortars

The work deals with the modification of mortars by small quantities of nanodispersed material. The effect of amorphous nanosilica on Portland cement hydration and hardening has been investigated. The amorphous nanosilica is compared with the known mineral additive – microsilica.

Pozzolanic Activity Diagnostics of Fly Ash for Portland Cement

The work deals with the analysis and evaluation of different methods of pozzolanic activity determination in order to rationally use ash in cement. The most optimum diagnostic method has been suggested. The possibility of increasing fluidal fly ash activity has been established using the synthetic nanosilica.