State Center of the Ukrainian National Republic and Patriarch Joseph Slipiy: restoration of independence in the spiritual dimension

The article highlights that the research topic is relevant in the context of preparations for the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence. An in-depth comparative analysis of the political activity of the State Center of the Ukrainian National Republic in exile and the religious activity of Patriarch J. Slipy was carried out.

Media and Inter-Confessional Conflicts: the Problem, Concepts and Visions

The article analyzes the topic of interfaith conflicts in the media. Attention is paid to the relevance of the research, which is caused by the processes of church and religious life of the state. Another reason for the urgency is due to the internal political processes in Ukraine. These processes are shaped by certain socio-political shifts (electoral processes, revolutions, etc.), as well as Russia’s geopolitical influence on the state through the Church. Actually, these aspects of the problem can be distinguished from journalistic materials. They are also the basis of visions.

Role of the Ukrainian greek catholic church in campaigning parliamentary elections 2012

The democratic process which began under conditions of the independent Ukrainian state greatly influenced revival of religious life as the opposite effect on the political process, including determining changes in political forms of life. Difficult and controversial democratic reforms in Ukraine require serious scientific revaluation of the place and role of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC), which in modern terms is using all available tools in its arsenal to form social relationships based on Christian principles and strengthening Ukrainian nation.