The Types of Notions in “German Logic” of Christian Wolff (Research Article)

The article discusses the problem of classification of notions (Begriffe) by Christian Wolff, particularly in his “German Logic”. Wolff divides notions – as well as representations (Vorstellungen) in general – into obscure (dunkel, obscura) and clear (klar, clara). The clear notions are divided into distinct (deutlich, distincta) and indistinct (undeutlich, indistincta or confusa).

The linear concept of global development: history and nature

The notion of global development is considered. Olena Koppel argues that nature of the category “global development” is still unclear and precisely undefined in different scientific concepts. Nevertheless, scientists have considered its determinants, aspects, vectors, despite lack of precise explanation of this term in the wide and narrow sense. Considered concept has originated from a wider concept of development.