Eastern partnership

Reinforcing the Eastern Partnership Influence on the Transformation of Ukraine

In the article, the authors analyze Ukraine in the context of the Eastern Partnership. It is pointed out that Ukraine needs to modernize the economy and strengthen its position both in the Eastern European market and in the European Union. The authors of the article emphasize that Ukraine should implement institutional reforms and rationally manage the funds raised from the European Union. It is also considered that in order to attract more investors Ukraine must also create good conditions for foreign investors to increase their (and thus the state’s) income.

Prospects for the eastern partnership under geopolitical and security changes in the Eastern European region

The article dwells upon “Eastern Partnership” (EaP) initiativeand proves that the issue of its reforming has been acquiring considerable relevance under conditions of the aggressive foreign policy of the Russian Federation, contradictions within the European Union, and lack of a unified position on the solution of pressing political and security problems in the European region.