Reinforcing the Eastern Partnership Influence on the Transformation of Ukraine

: 71-74
Received: October 23, 2017
Accepted: November 21, 2017
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv National Polytechnic University

In the article, the authors analyze Ukraine in the context of the Eastern Partnership. It is pointed out that Ukraine needs to modernize the economy and strengthen its position both in the Eastern European market and in the European Union. The authors of the article emphasize that Ukraine should implement institutional reforms and rationally manage the funds raised from the European Union. It is also considered that in order to attract more investors Ukraine must also create good conditions for foreign investors to increase their (and thus the state’s) income. Eastern partnership is a project focused on cooperation in different spheres, scientific, political, economic, cultural spheres being in the first place as well as energy security. The article has an important scientific meaning because Eastern partnership is being implemented right now and it has an impact on dynamic cooperation between Ukraine and the EU. The key point is that in the framework of this project the EU states share their experience and provide financial support for important programs and initiatives oriented on fulfillment of reforms in Ukraine.

The adoption of EU competition rules and regulation of intellectual property rights protection, facilitation of doing business in Ukraine, increasing of checkpoint number at the borders – all these questions are of high importance for the status quo and the future of Ukraine. That is why on its rapid and successful path to join the EU, Ukraine needs to overtake the experience of Central European countries (Poland first of all) and fight corruption and solve the problem with oligarch power.

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