Logical structure of thinking in scientific research "Essay Of logic" by Stepan Baley

The scientific heritage of the Ukrainian scientist S. Baley is investigated in the field of the
logic. The structure, problems and terminology of the textbook "Essay of Logic" by S. Baley
are analyzed.In the references the author's styleis unchanged with the knowledge that this is
not about the style and grammar, but about the formation and development of the logic in
Ukrainian science.

The problems of aging: ethical, psychologic and social aspects

This article should bring us to understand who we can consider an aged person and what the main signs of aging are. Yet, the question beckons: What are we doing as a society to make sure that we adapt healthy lifestyles now to assure an inexorable transition into old age? This question is similarly posed as we strive to meet the demands of a growing diverse (racially and ethnically) aging population.